Electronic student card

A student in computer science at RU at the University of Akureyri created and designed the app
Electronic student card

The Student Association of the University of Akureyri has published an electronic student card for students in the form of an app. Steinunn Alda Gunnarsdóttir, president of SHA, says that the decision was something that came naturally, ''The fact is that most people always carry their phone with them. In addition, the electronic cards are more environmentally friendly. For example, we always had to print out stickers for each year to put on the cards so it would be valid,'' says Steinunn. 

The app is called Stúdentafélag HA and to get it students need to: 

  • Download the app in App Store or Play Store
  • Login with an UNAK email address
  • Select an image for the card

Reynir Freyr Hauksson, appsmiðurinn
Reynir Freyr Hauksson

Reynir Freyr Hauksson, chairman of DATA the association of computer science students, is the designer and builder behind the app. In addition to begin the 3rd year of computer science, Reynir has worked as a programmer in designing and building software. With the experience from his studies and from his job, Reynir says that it was exciting to have the opportunity to build an app completely from scratch with full control over design and appearance. 

There are many things to consider when designing an app that works. Reynir says that the development process is divided into three parts: analysing, design and construction. ''After the SHA board decided what the app should contain, I was able to start analysing what needed to be done. I started to write down what could be done in the app and after that I decided which screen needed to be built,'' says Reynir. 

Today, the software includes four screens for users: a check-in screen, a photo upload screen, a student card screen, and a discount screen where students can see from which company you can get discount at any time by presenting of the electronic card. 

Skjámynd af appinuSkjámynd af appinu

There is a lot of work behind the app, but Reynir says that it took him about 70 hours to design and launch the app. ''Before I started with the app itself, I had to design and build a backend that stores and sends data to the users. The backend is divided into 2 parts: a database and a web server. The database stores information's about discounts and users while the web server receives and processes requests form the app in collaboration with the database, for example, login requests. In the web server, the board of SHA has an interface to add discounts for students and to perform other actions,'' says Reynir. 

''I clearly benefit from the computer science studies in all this work. Like I said, the software is divided into app, web server and database. In computer science, I have taken courses called app developmentweb service and database science. In these courses, you learn the basics of all that I did to make the app a reality,'' says Reynir.