Assistant Professor of Educational science, curriculum studies and didactics at the Faculty of Education

The University of Akureyri advertises a vacant full-time position for an Assistant Professor of educational science, curriculum studies and didactics at the Faculty of Education, within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The primary responsibilities of the person selected for the position are teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level and research in the field of educational science. Their immediate superior is the Head of the Faculty of Education. The employee will be based in Akureyri, north-eastern region of Iceland.

Intended starting date for the position is August 1st 2023. The initial term of the contract is 5 years, with the option to make the position permanent at the conclusion of that period in line with regulation 258/2016 regarding recruitment and employment of academic staff at the University of Akureyri. Eligibility for employment at the level of Associate or full Professor will be considered as part of the hiring process in accordance with official criteria for promotion at Icelandic universities.

The Faculty of Education offers undergraduate programmes in Educational Studies (B.Ed.), graduate level programmes in Educational Studies (M.Ed. and MT) and research based graduate programmes in Educational Science (MA). Postgraduate diplomas in preschool education, educational studies and educational science are also offered at the Faculty. The Faculty of Education has approximately 420 students and 20 staff members.

The Faculty of Education is searching for an academic with knowledge in the field of educational science, with emphasis on curriculum studies and didactics in teaching and research. It is important that applicants play an active role in the day to day academic community at the university and the local community of Northern Iceland.

Required education and qualification

  • Knowledge and experience in accordance with international criteria for the relevant position, certified by the UNAK Evaluation Committee or a doctoral degree from a recognised university, are required.
  • A teaching certificate is desirable.
  • Teaching experience at the university level is desirable, and an international academic peer-reviewed publication record is required.
  • Good communication and organisational skills are required.
  • The extent to which the applicant’s skill set and experience fits the faculty’s teaching and research needs will be heavily weighted when evaluating applications.
  • Good Icelandic and/or English skills are necessary.
  • A person hired who doesn’t speak Icelandic will need will need to acquire proficiency in Icelandic during the term of employment according to the university’s language policy.

Applications should include

  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae including an account of the applicant’s studies, employment history, research, and teaching background.
  • Official transcripts of all applicable diplomas in Icelandic or English.
  • An account of the applicant’s research plan, should they be successful in obtaining the position.
  • Written reflection from colleagues regarding the applicant’s teaching and administrative experience.
  • Contact details for three referees, one of whom should ideally be the applicant’s current or immediately previous superior.
  • Up to three publications reflecting the applicant’s best research. In the case of multi-author papers, the applicant should clearly outline their contribution to the work.

The deadline for applications is January 6th, 2023.

Salary will be in accordance with the collective agreement between the UNAK Faculty Union (FHA) and the Ministry of Finance.

The processing of applications, assessment of applicants’ qualifications, and selection are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Public Higher Education Institutions Act 85/2008, and regulations of the University of Akureyri 694/2022 and 258/2016 on the work of the selection committee and the recruitment of academic faculty at the University of Akureyri. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The University of Akureyri reserves the right to reject all applications. All applicants will be informed when a decision on recruitment has been made.

For further information, please contact:

Birna María B. Svanbjörnsdóttir, Head of the Faculty of Education, tel. +354-460-8579, e-mail
Dr. Birgir Guðmundsson, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, tel. +354-460-8658, e-mail

The University of Akureyri promotes gender equality and diversity, and encourages all eligible candidates to apply for all vacancies.

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