The Arctic Guardians' Dialogue

In the Arctic Cooperation Webinars Series, a team of selected experts, academics and professionals will tackle a hot Arctic topic.

The Arctic Coast Guard Forum, the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network and the University of Akureyri are cooperating on a 2-day conference called “The Arctic Guardians’ Dialogue” on April 12th and 13th 2021. The Arctic Guardians’ Dialogue conference is established to echo the goals of the Arctic Guardian exercise in Search and Rescue and Maritime Environmental Response within the Arctic. The conference is also built towards cooperation in the Arctic between the Arctic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF) and the EPPR Working Group of the Arctic Council; the integration of Arctic cultures and knowledge in Arctic institutions; the progressive closing of the gender gap in maritime; and the protection of the marine environment in the context of increasing shipping traffic in the Arctic region. In this sense, the conference is articulated around three main themes:

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Women in maritime
  • Marine environmental response

If you want to learn more about Arctic topics and participate in the discussion, take a seat at the Arctic Meeting Room table!

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