Second generation biofuels using thermophilic bacteria

About the project

The focus of our research for the past ten years has been on the production of second-generation biofuel for lignocellulosic biomass using thermophilic bacteria isolated from Icelandic hot springs. Lately, our interest has spread to the utalization of macroalgae for the biological production of biofuels and high-value chemical buildings blocks. There is an increased interest in using thermophilic bacteria for the production of bioethanol from complex lignocellulosic biomass due to their higher operating temperatures and broad substrate range. This project focuses upon the production of biofuels (ethanol, hydrogen and methane) with the use of thermophilic bacteria isolated from Icelandic hot springs and deposited from various culture collections. The main genera of ethanol producing anaerobes are Thermoanaerobacterium, Thermoanaerobacter and Caloramator whereas the best hydrogen producers belong the genera of the extremophiles Caldicellulosiruptor and Thermotoga. Specific focus in the project is firstly to maximize the biofuel yields by manipulating various culture conditions (partial pressure of hydrogen, initial substrate conditions, pH, temperature, inhibitory compounds) as well as production of ethanol from various types of lignocellulosic biomass (grass, hemp, straw, cellulose, paper).


Jóhann Örlygsson, Professor, School of Business and Science, University of Akureyri, Iceland
Sean Michael Scully, Adjunct/PhD student, School of Business and Science, University of Akureyri, Iceland
Maria Ingvadottir


Matis, Iceland
Sorpa - Solid Waste Management in Iceland’s Capital Area, Iceland
Mannvit - Complete engineering services, Iceland
The Agricultural University, Iceland
The Innovations Center, Iceland
University of Lund, Sweden

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