Út er komin bókin Why Believe? Approaches to Religion

Eftir prófessor Giorgio Baruchello og prófessor Garrett Barden.
Út er komin bókin Why Believe? Approaches to Religion

Bókin Why Believe? Approaches to Religion er komin út. Höfundar bókarinnar eru prófessor Garrett Barden við University College Cork og prófessor Giorgio Baruchello við Háskólann á Akureyri.

Bókin var styrkt af vísindasjóði Háskólans á Akureyri og sér Háskólaútgáfa Háskóla Íslands um dreifingu hennar. Bókin er til sölu hjá Bóksölu stúdenta.

Bókakápa bókarinnar


Mikael Karlsson, prófessor við Háskóla Íslands og fyrrverandi forseti félagsvísinda- og lagadeildar Háskólans á Akureyri, skrifaði káputexta bókarinnar:

"A book for anyone reflecting seriously upon their own religious commitment—or lack of it—this book is the product of many years of "candid, deeply personal musings on what it means to be religious . . . and [whether] and how it is still possible, plausible and palatable to believe today, in a world that is more and more secular". Composed by two learned and articulate friends and thinkers for whom these questions are deep, serious, and burning, the authors primarily attempt to discover what the questions and issues are—and whether there are even intelligible questions to be asked or intelligible answers to be sought—rather than arguing for or against any position on matters of religion and faith. A book that rises above the usual superficial, popular discussions and pro- or anti-religious hyperbole."