Good Governance and Justice. Medieval Thoughts on Contemporary Policies


Þriðjudaginn 17. apríl kl. 12.00-12.50 mun Dr. Giorgio Baruchello, heimspekingur og prófessor við félagsvísinda- og lagadeild, fjalla um "Good Governance and Justice. Medieval Thoughts on Contemporary Policies" og eiga samtal við áheyrendur um efnið. Erindið er flutt á ensku. 


Following decades of partial successes and eventual comprehensive overhauls, the much-trumpeted "good governance" policies of the World Bank and other major International Financial Institutions have come under attack from a multiplicity of perspectives, within as well as outside academia. After offering a synthetic picture of some paradoxes situated at the heart of good governance, I expand on the suggestions of two contemporary development experts, Hans-Jürgen Wagener and Geske Dijkstra, who have argued that Ambrogio Lorenzetti's 14th-century Allegory of Good Governance (or Government) dealt already with the core elements of good governance, but inscribed them inside a much richer and more demanding conception of justice that contemporary institutions and their affiliates have largely and culpably forgotten.

Lögfræðitorgið verður í stofu M102 og er opið almenningi án endurgjalds.