We recycle

University of Akureyri (Mynd: Auðunn Níelsson)

Students, teachers and other staff members at the University are exemplary in regard to the environment. Everyone sorts their garbage and places it in specially marked trash bins.

There are six categories:

  1. Paper and non-corrugated cardboard
  2. Returnable containers
  3. Plastic
  4. Cartons and paper cups
  5. General household refuse
  6. Organic household refuse

There are no trash bins in classrooms and meeting rooms. You simply take your garbage with you and dispose of it at the next sorting station.

Advantages of sorting - The Green Flag certification

The University of Akureyri is the first university in Iceland to achieve the Green Flag certification, which is awarded for good environmental awareness. It was granted to the University at a formal ceremony on 16 September 2013.

The aims of the Green Flag certification scheme are the following:

  • Improve the environment of the University and reduce waste and use of water and energy
  • Enhance public spirit within the University
  • Increase environmental awareness through education and projects inside and outside the classroom
  • Strengthen democratic work methods in the management of the University when decisions are made in relation to students
  • Provide students with education and skills to address environmental affairs
  • Enhance international solidarity and language skills
  • Connect the University to its community, businesses and the public