Opening hours 

  • Monday - Friday 8.00-16.00

We place an emphasis on excellent services for students and easy access to various electronic databases, books and journals in the University’s fields of study. The employees of the Library provide consultation and assistance on searching for information and sources, use of databases and journal collections, interlibrary loans, etc.

Book a librarian

Do you need help searching for or working with sources?

If you need assistance, you can book 30 minutes with a library and information specialist. It is also possible to receive assistance through the communication program Zoom.

You send an email or call 460 8050 to book an appointment. Remember to mention what it is you need help with. 

Working with sources

Make use of the program Refworks to work with sources. The program helps you to prepare a list of sources and keep track of sources and saves you a great deal of time when working with sources. Use your UNAK email address when you create an account.

Electronic collections

The electronic collections of the library are rapidly growing and are accessible to students either through open access, country-wide access or the local network of the University.

More and more e-books are being added to the collections and if journals are available in electronic form then this option is chosen when purchasing.

E-journals subscribed to by the library are categorised by the University’s fields of study. Students and employees also have access to various online dictionaries.


The UNAK library has a university subscription to various databases that are of particular use to students at the University. These are only accessible on the University’s local network or by connecting to the local network through VPN (Virtual Private Network). The university subscriptions are identified with the UNAK logo.

You must set up VPN access in order to make use of the subscription collections away from the University of Akureyri.

  • List of the databases of the Library (Icelandic)



Find journals (subscriptions and country-wide access)

E-journal subscriptions, open via the local network of UNAK or through VPN 

School of Health Sciences

Faculty of Occupational Therapy:

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences:

Faculty of Education:

Faculty of Law:

School of Business and Science

Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences:

Faculty of Business Administration:


Find e-books (subscription and open access).

E-book subscriptions, open via the local network of UNAK or through VPN:

Open access

Country-wide access

To limit searches to e-books from Springer, the default check mark by “Include Preview-Only content” must be removed.

Springer - around 10,000 titles in numerous fields of study


Various dictionaries and references:


All theses shall be electronically submitted to Skemman.

All theses shall also be submitted to Turnitin which is a plagiarism detection software. Turnitin enables teachers to compare new student theses to theses which have already been submitted and other material on the internet. In this way, Turnitin can lead to improved methods of work in using sources and writing theses.

The due date for an electronic copy in Skemman shall be the set due date of the Faculty and submission is a prerequisite for graduation.

  • Students in undergraduate and graduate studies do not need to submit a printed copy to theLibrary

Send enquiries concerning submission of final theses to Skemman and Turnitin via email to the Library or call 460 8050.

Guidelines for archiving theses in Skemman

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Submit your work / My Space
  3. Select University of Akureyri
  4. Use the same user name and password as for your UNAK e-mail to log in to Skemman
  5. Under the heading New Submission choose the appropriate Collection and choose the Type Thesis.

Guidelines are to be found on each page in the submission process.

  • Describe the thesis. Required fields to fill out are marked specifically (author, title, abstract), other fields are optional (e.g. related link, comments, sponsor).
  • Upload files. The thesis shall be saved in pdf format. The main rule in Skemman is to allow theses to be open; they are available for reading but restricted for printing and copying.

Those who temporarily want to limit access to their thesis are advised to split the work into the following files and make them available:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Bibliography
  3. Appendices (if applicable, even if closed)
  4. Full text (full text must always be archived in Skemman, even if closed).
  • Confirm details. To submit the thesis for approval, one has to accept the terms and conditions.

After the review, an e-mail is sent with details of the outcome of the review.

The thesis is approved or rejected for Skemman. If the thesis has been rejected then it is sent back to the student and he/she will then be able to correct the thesis and submit it again.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that an electronic copy of the thesis is the final version of the thesis approved by the supervisor and that all the required accompanying documents are in place.