Student Counselling Services

Student Counselling Services

Student Counsellors provide students with personal consultation during their studies.

Consultation is given in regard to work methods and choice of studies and professions. The service is free of charge. Student Counsellors supervise issues concerning students with disabilities and students with specific learning difficulties or special needs.

If you are thinking about enrolling at the University of Akureyri, you can meet with a Student Counsellor free of charge.


  • Weekdays 8:00–16:00
  • Walk-in hours 13:30–14:30

Student Counselling Services are located in the G-building, by the UNAK library.

Booking appointments

  • You can book an appointment by sending an email to
  • You can also use a telerobot to speak with a Student Counsellor or book a distance appointment
  • Walk-in hours at Student Counselling Services are between 13:30 and 14:30 on weekdays


What do Student Counsellors do?

The services offered by Student Counsellors are individual-based. Among the tasks carried out are the following:

  • Guidance, teaching and consultation on improved methods of study and study technique
  • Consultation on choosing a course of study, study progress and selecting courses
  • Consultation, guidance and registration for special assistance
  • Teaching, for example, courses in study technique and coping with anxiety, as well as short mini courses on various aspects related to student counselling and personal counselling
  • Career counselling, interest area evaluation and courses
  • Support for students to enable them to have greater success in their studies, as well as to help them find their strengths and interests

We work for the benefit of students and look after their interests. Anything at all can be talked about and all conversations are confidential.

Support regarding special needs

The University helps students who need special assistance in their studies and during exams.

We supervise administrative measures to assist students with disabilities and students with specific learning difficulties and special needs, for example, regarding illness.

The aim is to help students to help themselves and strengthen them in their studies. The services are performed in close cooperation with the students themselves. This approach is designed to ensure that the service rendered is adjusted to the needs of those requiring it and in accordance with what UNAK is able to provide.

What should you do first?

You start by contacting us by sending an email to We are happy to help.