Flexible learning

Sveigjanlegt nám

The University of Akureyri focuses on offering study programmes in a flexible learning environment.

Flexible learning is student-centred learning without the requirement of a daily presence at the university campus in Akureyri. Students can study independent of their residence because assignments and delivery are through electronic form.

Communication in flexible learning takes place in a variety of ways:

  • Synchronous communication with physical presence or through telepresence robots at the University
  • Using the various communication software, synchronous or asynchronous
  • By email or simply by phone

Study materials can be in various forms, such as lectures, texts, electronic books and podcasts. The content is accessible to students via a learning management system. In flexible studies at UNAK, we use a variety of teaching methods, such as collaborative-, flipped- and blended learning.

Flexible learning is available for all undergraduate studies at UNAK but it varies between study programmes.

Flexible learning at the University of Akureyri is constantly being developed and is supported by educational methods and research. Technology that works at any given time to support the teaching methods is used, but the emphasis is on the pedagogy. Above all, flexible learning is tailored to meet the needs of students at the University of Akureyri.

Short-term study periods

On campus short-term study periods are held regularly throughout the school year but they differ from one Faculty to another, from one to three periods per semester. Courses are different, and study periods can last for two to five days at a time. These short-term study periods promote and support the community of learners at UNAK, where students and teachers work together. During this time, attention is on assignments and discussions.

Students are required to attend and be active during the study period.


Exams can be taken at UNAK's campus, in lifelong learning and education centres throughout the country or at recognised universities or embassies abroad.