Social life

The social life at UNAK is a nice change from book reading and project work.

It’s fun to take part in the social life. You meet students from other Faculties, widen your horizons and expand your network of contacts.

Every semester the International Committee of the Union of Students and the international coordinator of the University host a trip especially for exchange students. We have done river rafting, a trip to Mývatn, skiing and mountain climbing to name a few. There are also activities during orientation day for new students, farewell dinners, Þorrablót, international day and pub quiz.

Social Life in Akureyri

The student life in Akureyri is an active one. Cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and a ski resort are just a few popular student hangouts.

SHA - Student Union at the University of Akureyri

The Union of Students (SHA) represents students’ interests in social and academic affairs.

  • The Union safeguards the interests of students and advocates for students
  • The Union contributes to better health and wellbeing of students and their families
  • The Union provides the faculty associations with support

Exchange students can apply for membership in SHA and only need to pay a small fee that will enable them to attend all events hosted by the Union.

 Associaton Facebook E-mail
Data, association of computer science students Data on FB Send an email to Data
Eir, association of health science students Eir on FB Send an email to Eir
Kumpáni, association of social science and psychology students Kumpáni on FB Send an email to Kumpáni
Magister, association of teacher training students Magister on FB Send an email to Magister
Reki, association of business administration students Reki on FB Send an email to Reki
Stafnbúi, association of students in natural resource sciences Stafnbúi on FB Send an email to Stafnbúi
Þemis, association of law and police science students Þemis on FB Send an email to Þemis