Housing for students

Housing for students

Student Housing at the University of Akureyri owns and operates student apartments in the town.

A wide range of lodgings are available, from individual rooms to three-room apartments. The apartments are all within walking distance of the University.

Applications for student apartments must be received by 21 June of each academic year.

Familiarise yourself with the range of housing options, as well as allocation rules on the website of Student Housing.

The International Office assists but does not guarantee housing for foreign degree-seeking students.

Other housing options

Besides student housing, you can also check the following housing options from the open market. Please note that these housing options are offered by private organisations that are not related to the University of Akureyri.

Find out about the rights and obligations of tenants before signing a lease agreement.

Housing for Incoming exchange students

Exchange students coming through an official exchange programme apply for housing in the Mobility Online application system. For more information, please see: