Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

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The Faculty of Social Sciences gives first-year students ample time to decide which path of study to pursue, as the first year is largely based on a common foundation. Following this, students can choose between studies in Social Sciences, Media Studies and Modern Studies. These fields provide diverse employment opportunities.

Open registration. Registration for the undergraduate (BA) program in Modern Studies is now open with a deadline of 1. December 2022. Applicants should bear in mind that they would be enrolling and following a curriculum that commenced in the fall semester of 2022.

Please be in contact with Hildur Sólveig Elvarsdóttir if you are interested in applying to the study.

The latest programme in the Faculty of Social Sciences is Police Science where law enforcement is addressed in a broad context. Students are given a proper foundation in preventing and informing about criminal offences and thus ensuring civilians’ safety.

The following graduate programmes are offered within the Faculty of Social Sciences:

Students who graduate from the Faculty of Social Sciences work in a wide range of fields, both in the public sector and in private companies. Students from the Faculty are highly sought after employees.