Computer services

Computer services

The University’s Computer Services provides students and staff with access to specialised equipment, software and guidance. Take advantage of all the best in information technology from the start of the semester.

Do you need assistance?

Send us a service request through our electronic service desk:

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The service desk is located in the K-building.

Wi-Fi connection

Guest Wi-Fi

The University’s Wi-Fi connection for visitors is called HA. You can choose whether you connect through Facebook or not.

Most internet-enabled devices can connect to the network.

The HA network is active every day between 7:00 and 23:00.


Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop.