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Are you considering a student exchange at the University of Akureyri or have you already been nominated by your home university? The University of Akureyri takes part in several exchange programmes such as Nordplus, Erasmus and North2North.

The University of Akureyri is a young and dynamic university. Foreign students will experience a friendly and personalised university located in the heart of the town of Akureyri.

Application deadlines

  • 15 May for the autumn semester and the full academic year (non-EU/EEA students: 15 April)
  • 1 November for the spring semester (non-EU/EEA students: 1 October)

Courses for exchange students

Icelandic is the language of instruction in most of the courses, but all the courses in the Polar Law programmes are taught in English.

In the School of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as the School of Business and Science, a certain number of courses are offered in English. The courses offered each semester may vary but they are in the fields of media, law, education, psychology, social sciences, business and fisheries science. We try our best to find courses for students in all programmes.

Courses offered in English

The course page is a handy way to see the information for an individual course, such as a description of its content, the course level, goals and scope, methods of completion, coordinator, prerequisites if any, as well as other important information.

  • Single courses for exchange students
    Please note that the master courses marked with the code number CRD or CMM are not offered at UNAK but at the University Centre of the Westfjords in Ísafjörður. These courses can not be taken in Akureyri and are not offered as distance learning courses.

Preparation courses in Icelandic

The International Office offers three specially designed courses for international exchange students. Two are offered each semester. See the course page for further information.

  • Icelandic as a Foreign Language
  • Icelandic Nature 
  • Icelandic Society, History and Culture

Home university nomination

All students wishing to apply for exchange studies at the University of Akureyri must begin the process by applying to their home university.

We request information about selected students from the international coordinator at the home university via our online nomination database. After the coordinator has filled in the nomination form and if the nomination is accepted, we will email the respective students with detailed application instructions.

For further information on the nomination process, please ask your international coordinator to contact the International Office:

Application information

Sometimes the application process can feel daunting. Here you can find out more about admissions. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

  1. Apply for exchange studies at your home university.
  2. Ask the international coordinator at your home university to nominate you for exchange studies at the University of Akureyri by sending an email to and requesting access to the online nomination form. The deadline to nominate students is two weeks prior to the application deadline.
  3. After we receive your nomination we will e-mail you with detailed information on the application process and give you access to the online application form. Please make sure that the e-mail address will not be blocked by your junk mail filter.
  4. After receiving the e-mail about the application process you should fill in the application online. A signed and printed version of the application is NOT required but a copy of your passport along with your transcript of records must be included for the online application to be valid. This must be an original copy of your transcript of records in English or a Nordic language (DK, NO, SE, IS).
  5. Submit the application along with your transcript of records before the respective deadline.
  6. Applications are evaluated by the School/Faculty that you apply to and you can expect an informal response to your application by e-mail no later than 15 June (spring semester, 30 November). Formal acceptance packets will be sent soon after; they will include the Handbook for Exchange and Visiting Students which you are required to read carefully to prepare for your stay in Iceland.
  7. The International Office assists exchange students in finding housing for the academic year/semester. Accepted exchange students will receive a housing offer prior to their arrival. All rooms have access to a kitchen and bathroom.

Applications missing any of the required documents when the application deadline has passed cannot be considered. Late applications cannot be considered.


The International Office assists exchange students in finding housing for the academic year/semester. Exchange students therefore do not have to make other arrangements concerning housing unless they wish to. In that case, the International Office must be notified immediately.

Student Housing at the University of Akureyri owns and operates student apartments in the town. A wide range of lodgings are available, from individual rooms to three-room apartments. The apartments are all within walking distance of the University.

Familiarise yourself with the range of apartments on the website of the University’s Student Housing.


The monthly rent can vary depending on the form of housing, but in general it is from about 70,000 - 100,000 ISK per month for a single room.

Did you not receive a housing offer ?

Sometime after the application deadline we hope to be able to send you a housing offer via e-mail. If you have not received housing offer three weeks prior to your arrival, please feel free to contact the International Officer at the University of Akureyri, 

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