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The programme leading to a BEd degree in Educational Studies is the initial part of a five-year programme towards an MEd degree, which is the prerequisite for a Teacher Certificate.

The first year of the programme is mostly common for all students, but in the second year students enter their elective field and in the third year students in the preschool and primary school fields increase their specialisation through a selection of elective courses, while students specialising in sports and health sciences mainly take practical courses in relation to physical education.

Educational Studies, BEd, 180 ECTS, three specialisations (in Icelandic):

Educational Studies - Preschool Education, Diploma, 120 ECTS

The MEd degree programme provides qualification to work as a teacher in preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools. The programme is a direct continuation of the BEd programme at the Faculty of Education, or of other undergraduate studies (BA, BS).

Those who have completed a BA or BS degree in other fields of study can enroll in the MEd programme and complete a Master’s degree in Educational Studies. Following this, students can apply for a Teacher Certificate at the education level they have specialised in.

Educational Studies, MEd, 120 ECTS, three specialisations (in Icelandic):

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education is intended for those who have completed a Master’s degree and would like to obtain qualification to teach at the secondary level.

Studies in educational science for those who wish to specialise in specific areas to pursue diverse work within the educational system and/or research and academic work.

Educational Science, MA, 120 ECTS, five specialisations (in Icelandic):

Educational Science, Postgraduate Diploma, 60 ECTS, four specialisations (in Icelandic):

Studies in the Faculty of Education have the aim of educating teachers for work in preschools, primary schools and secondary schools or in other areas of educational work. The education is of good use in other professions, both within the educational system as well as in the general employment market.