A research-based master’s programme in natural resource sciences will improve your knowledge and skills in tackling scientific work, as you become competent in dealing with challenging tasks.

How can we harness our natural resources for our maximum benefit? Where are the opportunities? How can we support a self-sustaining use of resources? In what shape are we going to deliver our country to future generations?

The discipline of natural resource sciences seeks answers of crucial importance for the future.

Is the programme for you?

  • Do you possess the qualities of self-discipline, patience and curiosity?
  • Are you interested in self-sustaining development?
  • Do you have the courage to explore new and unknown methods?
  • Do you have the ability to distinguish between important vs. unimportant elements?
  • Are you interested in developing new business opportunities?

Areas of emphasis in the programme

The organisation of the master’s programme in natural resource sciences is based on each individual student’s field of interest.

The curriculum is specially designed in line with your needs and research interests. The research dissertation is a major part of the study programme, compiled in close co-operation with specialists at the university as well as external experts.

Expert consultants, as well as the main supervisor, ensure that the dissertation is in accordance with international quality standards.

Students are encouraged to complete part of the programme at a foreign university.

You can view the organisation of the studies in Ugla, the intraweb of the University.

On completion of studies

This programme gives you the opportunity to work with interesting start-up companies or establish your own business.

The research topics chosen by the students open access to various specialisations: research projects in biotechnical companies, research organisations, engineering offices and teaching and research at university level.

A master’s degree provides access to doctoral studies both at Icelandic and foreign universities.

Admission requirements

The general prerequisite is that students have completed a BS degree in natural and empirical sciences at recognised universities.

For further information on the university’s admission requirements, please consult this webpage.