Practical student information

All first-year students at the University of Akureyri are invited to attend a presentation at the start of the academic year. At the presentation, all the main information is communicated that first-year students need to begin successful studies. The presentation takes place during regular school hours.

The Union of Students at the University of Akureyri (SHA) is in charge of the evening’s agenda and introduces the social life at the University.

Information regarding applications

If any questions arise during the application process please contact the International Office at

Orientation for first-year students and timetable

During orientation for first-year students, instruction is provided on various aspects of university studies – no first-year student should miss these presentations.

  • View the academic calendar to see when orientation for first-year students is scheduled.
  • You can view your entire timetable in Ugla, the intraweb of UNAK, by clicking on My Ugla -> My timetable

Access to Ugla (intraweb) and email

You get a user name and password sent via email to the email address you specified when you applied for admission.

The user name and password give you access to email and Ugla, which is the intraweb of the University.

Everything about Ugla

You have your own home page on the Ugla intraweb. Here, you can find various information, such as your timetable, announcements and courses.

You confirm and change course registration in Ugla

You must confirm course registration and changes to registration in Ugla. If you fail to confirm your course registration, you are regarded as having withdrawn from the course concerned.

You withdraw from courses using Ugla

WiFi and Office 365

The University of Akureyri offers a WiFi connection and cloud solutions for students. Students can print documents for a moderate fee in various locations at the University. Get connected as soon as possible and be ready for the first day of teaching.

How do I connect to WiFi - Eduroam?

In order to connect to Eduroam, you must have your smart device/computer search for WiFi when you are at the University. Select eduroam from the list that appears. When this is selected, the device prompts you for your user name and password.

User name: 
Password: same as for Ugla

How do I connect to Office 365?

It is possible to set up Office 365 on PC and MAC computers, iPad/iPhone and Android smart devices. The Office suite includes, for example, email, Word, Excel, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and more.

All users get access to 1 TB cloud storage on OneDrive. This is very convenient for storing all of your school documents and more. OneDrive is also of good use in group work.

Canvas learning management system

Canvas is the online learning management system that you use in your studies. You must have applied for a user name and received a password to email in order to log in to the system.

User name: 
Password: same as for your email 

Your SmartKey

The SmartKey serves all of the following purposes:

  • Access to the printing system
  • Access for the premises of UNAK
  • Access to the gym

Students receive their SmartKey for 2,000 ISK (return fee is 1,500 ISK).

How do I apply for the SmartKey?

You send an email to to apply for the SmartKey

The email should include the following information:

  • Full name
  • UNAK email address

When the key is ready, you will receive an email and you can then pick it up at the service desk of the Student Registry Office.

Note: If you lose the SmartKey, you will need to pay 2,000 ISK for a new one.

Access to printers with the Smartkey

The printing system is in the cloud. This enables you to send a print job from a computer up to the printing cloud and then retrieve it from any printer at the University. 

The printing system works with the student Smartkey.

Can I connect to the network of the University via VPN?

It is possible to connect to the network of the University via VPN (Virtual Private Network) and thus gain access to databases as in the case of computers connected to the local network of the University.

This is not possible using the WiFi of the University.


Students have access free of charge to lockers in the H-corridor and downstairs in Miðborg.

Half of the lockers in the H-corridor have an outlet for a charger. There, you can store and charge laptops.

Fitness and exercise centre

There is free access to a fitness and exercise centre at the University. Twice a week, yoga is offered for students and teachers. Take advantage of the opportunity and schedule physical fitness as part of your study plan.

Book list

You can find book lists in Ugla on the course website under “My books”.

When are the Christmas and Easter vacations?

  • Christmas vacation begins on December 20th and ends on January 2nd, both days included
  • Easter vacation starts on the Wednesday before Easter and ends on the Tuesday in the week after Easter, both days included
  • In addition, no classes are scheduled on the “First Day of Summer”, May 1st and December 1st

See further information in the academic calendar.

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