Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences

Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences

The studies

In the Faculty of Natural Resource Sciences, a common empirical science foundation is taught in the first year. Specialisation mostly occurs in the second and third years of the studies.

The studies are both practical and theoretical. Following BS studies, students can go directly into the job market or pursue graduate studies.

There are diverse possibilities for employment, for example, the following:

  • management work in the fisheries sector
  • jobs in fish farming and running of fish farming businesses
  • jobs in consultation and environmental management at companies, municipalities and government institutions
  • jobs related to food processing, utilisation of resources and the production process of biotechnology products

Undergraduate studies

The aim of the studies is to prepare students for work and graduate studies in an international and demanding environment.

Biotechnology, B.S., 180 ECTS (Icelandic)

There are two main areas of emphasis in the Biotechnology programme:

Both areas provide students with a solid basis for continuing their studies at the Master’s level.

Fisheries Science, B.S., 180 ECTS (Icelandic)

Graduate studies

Natural Resource Sciences, M.S., 120 ECTS (Icelandic)

  • Research-based Master’s studies in Natural Resource Sciences which strengthen knowledge and abilities as regards scientific work methods.