Góðvinir alumni association

Góðvinir alumni association

Góðvinir is an association of students who graduated from UNAK and other supporters of the University.

  • Góðvinir hold reunions, celebrate graduation and collect funds for a founder’s capital fund
  • They honour exceptional students at graduation
  • Góðvinir support the interests of the University of Akureyri

All information on the operations of Góðvinir is provided by Silja Jóhannesar Ástudóttir, Director of Marketing and Public Relations and employee of Góðvinir.


Objectives of Góðvinir

The objectives of the alumni association are the following:

  • enhance connections of the University with its former students
  • support the development of the University as much as possible, financially and through other means
  • provide members of Góðvinir with good access to the operations and services of the University
  • allocate the revenue of the association to developing learning and research at the University of Akureyri

Membership fee of Góðvinir

Individual membership: The annual fee is 2,500 ISK. A payment slip is sent to the online bank of members each fall semester:

Corporate membership: An invoice for a grant in the amount of 25,000 ISK is sent in the fall:

Recognitions of Góðvinir

From 2004, Góðvinir have honoured at least one candidate from each Faculty of the University at graduation. Deans are contacted for nominations of individuals who have shown good academic results and unselfish work for the benefit of the University during their time of study.

Thus, not only good academic results are rewarded, but also initiative and hard work, participation in UNAK presentations, strengthening of students’ social life and serving on interest committees on behalf of students.

For the first two years, the awards of Góðvinir were university rings available from the goldsmiths Sigtryggur and Pétur. In the spring of 2006, the decision was taken to custom-make a gold brooch for Góðvinir which only they can give. The brooch, designed by Kristín Petra Guðmundsdóttir goldsmith, is a replica of the work of art Íslandsklukkan by Kristinn Hrafnsson which stands in the campus area. Íslandsklukkan refers to the vigilance that characterises good university people.


Anniversary classes regularly gather at the University Celebration. Graduates keep in touch and are encouraged to become members of Góðvinir and be a part of the Alumni department.