University Office

The University Office is divided into eight sections which provide services for students and staff. The Managing Director of the University Office is Hólmar Svansson.

Library and Information Services

The Library and Information Services of the University of Akureyri operate the University’s library.

Financial, Staff and Administrative Section

The Financial, Staff and Administrative Section supervises accounting and wage processing.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (KHA) provides advice to teachers on development of teaching methods in on-campus and distance studies and on information technology and pedagogy. The employees of KHA assist students and staff in the areas of information and computer technology.

Student Counselling Services

Student Counsellors provide students with personal advice. Student Counselling Services also supervises matters concerning disabled students and students with specific learning difficulties or special needs.

Student Registry

Employees of the Service Desk of the Student Registry provide general information on the University’s operations and also assist students with certificates, payment of the registration fee, information on exams, the application process, graduation, etc., in addition to ensuring good organisation of the daily work of the University. You are always welcome at the Student Registry and can be sure that this will be the first stop in getting any issue resolved.

Real Estate and Operations

Real Estate and Operations supervises the premises of the University and ensures that work facilities and accessibility are exemplary.

RHA - University of Akureyri Research Centre

The University of Akureyri Research Centre is an independent unit within the University of Akureyri.