Living in Iceland

The price level of Iceland can be fairly high depending on where you come from. Make sure you have enough financial means to pay your rent, personal expenses, transportation costs, meals etc.

You should make sure that you make arrangements for adequate funding for your entire period of study before leaving your home country. However, as a student, you have access to several student benefits, which can make your life a little easier!

Cost of living

All students have to pay for their accommodation and living expenses as well as their books and other study materials.

Rough estimates of living costs for a single person:

  • Housing, including utilities: typically 100,000 ISK/month and upwards
  • Food and daily expenses: 50,000 ISK/month and upwards
  • Books and other study materials: 40,000 ISK/semester and upwards
  • Local public transportation: 6,000 ISK/month and upwards
  • Leisure activities: 30,000 ISK/month and upwards

For a more detailed impression of living costs in Iceland, we suggest you visit Numbeo. Numbeo is a crowd-sourced global database, where people from all over the world have shared the costs of living in different countries. It can give you some idea of the cost of living in Iceland.

Stu­dent Union fee

Student union membership is voluntary. Membership is free of charge up to 15 September. After this time, a 5,000 ISK registration fee must be paid.

More information on the student union membership fee and the benefits and services is available on the website of the Student Union at the University of Akureyri.

Discounts for students in SHA

Students in SHA (Union of Students at the University of Akureyri) can receive a discount if they show their student identity card with the sticker for the respective academic year. Students can get stickers at the University’s Service Desk and the SHA office.

See the SHA discounts for this academic year.

Stu­dent Card

Students receive their student card/smartcard for use free of charge. The card serves all of the following purposes:

  • Student card which is your means of proving that you're a student in Iceland in all situations necessary
  • Student union card of SHA
  • Access card to the printing system
  • Library card
  • Access card for the premises of UNAK

Further information