Does skiing and jogging along with legal analysis

Hrannar Már Hafberg is the scientist of the month
Does skiing and jogging along with legal analysis

Hrannar Már Hafberg is an assistant professor in the Law Faculty of the University of Akureyri. His research mainly focuses on presenting evidence in court and the analysis and argumentation of legal issues as he has pursued studies in those fields, both in Italy and Spain.

In his teaching Hrannar has demonstrated a number of legal analysis models and is currently developing them in a format suitable for introduction to Icelandic law students and lawyers. This approach is to some extent based on the work of the Genoa Institute of Legal Interpretation where he has been a student. Hrannar is also one of only few students specialising in judicial ethics which has received only scant coverage among Icelandic academics.

Working on tasks in the field of judicial ethics

“These days are completely devoted to the final stage of teaching and preparation for the examination period. The current winter has been busy both for the students and us, the teachers, and now we are about to tie the final knots and reap the harvest of our hard work. Then some tasks are awaiting us with regard to the internal organisation of the Law Faculty where study and teaching is constantly being revised in order to determine where improvements can be made to enhance our performance. This is of course an eternal issue, but we try to make a few steps in the right direction on each occasion. Then the coming season will be characterised by a focus on research and preparation for the next academic year. I have been drawing up a few tasks, for example in the field of general penal law as well as the criminal justice system. Other undertakings in progress relate to judicial ethics and the preparation of teaching materials on work procedures in legal studies which is expected to be in the form of a guidebook for law students,“ Hrannar says.

Who is Hrannar?

Hrannar was born and brought up in Reykjavík and studied both philosophy and law at the University of Iceland. He has pursued studies in Sweden, Ireland, France, Spain and Italy where his heart beats, as he puts it, at the same rhythm as the waves along the shores of the Mediterranean. He has worked at the office of the public prosecutor, courts of law and as a lawyer, although now he mainly works for the Faculty of Law at the University of Akureyri. He has a strong connection with Akureyri where he has worked for the best part of 14 years, at courts of law, official establishments and the University where he has been involved in teaching since 2008. Just over two years ago he took up a full-time position, involving mostly teaching and research in the fields of the criminal justice system and penal law. In his free time, Hrannar prefers downhill or cross-country skiing, but during the snow-free season he likes to go jogging. He has participated in several marathons and numerous half-marathons although the past two years have been difficult because of problematic injuries. But he feels this is all heading in the right direction and he is looking forward to running in the summer of 2022.