Preparedness of the University of Akureyri in regard to Covid-19

An emergency board composed of the Rector, Managing Director, and Chair of the Security Committee has been appointed. This group will meet daily where the current status will be evaluated and notifications sent out as needed. All the latest information will appear here below.

Students and employees of the University of Akureyri are reminded of the importance of following the instructions of the Directorate of Health. The latest information can always be found on the website of the Directorate of Health.

Current status

  • Teaching has begun and is for the most part conducted online.
  • Students will be called to practical, clinical or training-based studies that require on-site attendance according to a new timetable. Students are therefore encouraged to monitor updates to their timetable in Ugla, as well as announcements from teachers of individual courses. 
  • Students shall use a face mask at all times.
  • Students shall request services at Faculty Offices online. Students shall meet with teachers online. 
  • The premises of UNAK have been divided into compartments. People should not move between compartments unless absolutely necessary.
  • There is a two-metre distance requirement.
  • If we feel symptoms, we stay at home.
  • We must follow in every way the directions of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Directorate of Health.


We respect division into compartments, the two-metre rule and give people an opportunity to maintain social distancing. Always enable individuals dealing with an illness to participate in our events, whether on location or online.

Make use of technology and hold online meetings with colleagues and students.

Lets keep domestic travel to a minimum and think about how we can limit the number of people we associate with. 

If an UNAK's staff has to go south for work or four personal reasons, it is requested that the person in question works at home for the first few days after returning home. 

All employees are allowed to work at home in consultation with their supervisor. 

Printed instructions from the Directorate of Health concerning how to decrease risk of infection have been placed in the premises of the University, both at Sólborg and Borgir.


  • Moving between compartments is only allowed if absolutely necessary, for example, to use technical spaces and for maintenance and oversight, and in such cases using increased disease prevention (masks and gloves).
  • In each compartment, people only use lavatories within that compartment.
  • We keep at least a one-metre distance between ourselves and others and regularly wash our hands and use disinfectant to minimise risk of transmission.
  • As a general rule, a maximum of 30 persons are allowed in each compartment.

Compartments are divided in the following manner:

1. O wing - School of Humanities and Social Sciences - MSHA 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in O corridor

2. L1 - L2 - M1 - M2 - N1 - N2 wing - Classrooms / lecture halls 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in the basement of the main entrance area (Miðborg) 

3. K2 wing - Classrooms 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in front of the wing in the corridor

4. K1 wing - Center of Teaching and Learning
Lavatories: Only lavatories in front of the wing in the corridor

5. I and J wing - Practical classrooms 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in I wing

6. Top floor of A building and B wing - Employees in A building should limit how much they move to and from B wing
Lavatories: Only lavatories on own corridor

7. A building - 1st and 2nd floor - Employees in A building should limit how much they move to and from B wing
Lavatories: Only lavatories on own corridor

8. D building - Student Housing (Fésta) and Union of Students (SHA) 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in D building 

9. E - F - G building/wing - School of Humanities and Social Sciences - Finance and Analysis - Quality and Human Resources - Managing Director - Real Estate and Operations
Lavatories: Only their own lavatories in each building/wing 

10. Borgir - 1st Floor - Wetroom 
Lavatories: Only lavatories on the 2nd floor

11. Borgir - Laboratories / Classrooms / Teaching spaces
Lavatories: Only lavatories on the 1st floor 

12. Borgir 1st floor - School of Business and Natural Sciences 
Lavatories: Only lavatories on 2nd floor 

13. Borgir 3rd and 4th floor. University of Akureyri Research Center (RHA) and Continuing Education at UNAK - Rector's Office 
Lavatories: Only lavatories on each floor 

14. Borgir 7th floor - RMF and open spaces 
Lavatories: Only lavatories in the corridor 

Face masks

Face masks are available at all the main entrances of the University. Instructions on correct use of a face mask can be found here

  • Students shall use a face mask at all times inside reading facilities and teaching and learning compartments. 
  • Teachers shall use a face mask when teaching and when inside teaching and learning compartments. 
  • Staff members shall use a face mask when directly communicating with students. 


  • We want to remind everyone to only use corridors to move from their compartment to the cafeteria. Do not stop in corridors or use them for quick meetings.
  • All individuals who use the cafeteria shall wash their hands before heading there. Furthermore, everyone shall disinfect their hands upon entering the cafeteria; containers with disinfectant are accessible at the entrance.
  • We do only serve 30 people at the time in the cantina. Only 30 chairs available. 
  • If guests arrive and see all seats taken either wait a few minutes or take food to your local zone for consumption there.


  • Students have access to the cantina between 9.45-11.30 and 12.30-14.00.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Careful washing of hands is the most important advice for everyone in order to avoid transmission. It is important to wash thoroughly and regularly with soap and water and afterwards, it is advisable to use disinfectant.
  • Pictures with instructions on handwashing have been placed in all lavatories, as well as in a few other prominent locations.
  • Cleaning of premises has been moved to the next level. This consists, for example, in disinfecting areas of contact at public places.

Symptoms / illness

It is important that individuals who feel symptoms and have possibly been exposed to infection, for example, due to travel, call 1700 to receive instructions. Those who detect symptoms should stay at home and under no circumstances show up ill at the University.

Sensitive groups

It is important that individuals who are considered part of sensitive groups according to the Directorate of Health thoroughly familiarise themselves with instructions from the Directorate.


  • The Library is open and work facilities for students are available there.
  • Students can receive computer technical support at the Service Desk of the Student Registry.
  • The Student Registry is open but we encourage you to send an email to or to call 460 8000.
  • Student Counselling Services are open.
  • Because of the situation, it is assumed that all staff of the University will be under increased pressure and all those who need to make use of the University’s services are asked to be mindful of this.
  • The exercise room at UNAK is closed.

Further information

  • School Deans and/or Office Managers disseminate information to students and School employees on specific actions relating to certain groups in particular, such as students in clinical studies and field studies.
  • All comments and enquiries shall be sent to

Useful information

Information on Covid-19
Status report from the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management
Covid-19 website