Preparedness of the University of Akureyri in regard to Covid-19


An emergency board composed of the Rector, Managing Director, and Chair of the Security Committee has been appointed. This group will meet daily where the current status will be evaluated and notifications sent out as needed. All the latest information will appear here below.

Students and employees of the University of Akureyri are reminded of the importance of following the instructions of the Directorate of Health. The latest information can always be found on the website of the Directorate of Health and the COVID-19 website.

Current status; the page was updated on 3 agust 2021

  • The University is now defined as one compartment
  • Students are permitted to use the reading spaces
  • A one-metre distance between individuals must be ensured in all locations
  • Everyone must wear a face mask if it is not possible to maintain a one-metre distance
  • The current regulation on restrictions on gatherings applies until 13 of agust


  • Students can study in reading spaces
  • Students can book N-rooms in Sólborg if needed for group project work; in order to do this, students should contact the Student Registry
  • Up to 200 students may be in each compartment if they keep a one-metre distance between themselves; if it is not possible to maintain a one-metre distance, face masks shall be used
  • The number of students who may gather is limited to the size of each space

Learning compartments are following:

  • Teppið, 2nd floor in Miðborg
  • Reading space in UNAK Library
  • Borgir, 2nd floor
  • Note that a limited number of people can make use of the reading spaces; the number of chairs indicates the maximum number of people and it is not permitted to move chairs


  • If employees have travelled abroad, it is requested that the person concerned returns to work in consultation with his/her superior. Employees shall familiarise themselves with information on travel on the Covid-19 information page and always use effective disease prevention measures.

Use of classrooms

  • Teachers can use classrooms for recordings but must book them especially by contacting the Student Registry or their Office Manager
  • After using a classroom, points of contact should be disinfected, as well as all equipment that was used 


It is permissible to hold meetings at the University if it is possible to maintain a one-metre distance between attendees. If it is not possible to ensure a one-metre distance, face masks shall be used.

Lunch and coffee rooms

  • A maximum of 200 persons may be in the lunch room
  • Remember that the one-metre rule applies in all spaces, including lunch and coffee room

What if I am ill or in quarantine?

  • Employees who are in quarantine or have been infected are asked to notify their immediate superior who then informs the emergency board by sending an email to
  • It is important that employees who detect symptoms or have possibly been exposed to infection call 1700 and receive instructions. Employees with symptoms should stay at home and under no circumstances show up ill at the workplace. 
  • A medical certificate is not required if employees have a reason to be away from the workplace, for example, because of quarantine. 
  • We should encourage colleagues to go home if they seem ill. Show support for each other. 

What if I have a confirmed infection?

  • If an infection is confirmed, infection tracking starts under the management of the infection tracking team of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. The infection tracking team contacts the infected person and his/her colleagues if necessary. 
  • Employees shall notify their superior if they are confirmed to have been infected. 

Superiors who are notified of an infection: 

  • Report the infection to the emergency board by e-mail:
  • In consultation with the emergency board, the superior sends a notification to staff members in the compartment where the infected person was located. The name of the infected person is not disclosed. 

Measures will be taken to disinfect the work area of the infected person, as well as points of contact in public areas. 

What if I need to quarantine according to instructions from the infection tracking teams? 

  • Employees who quarantine according to instructions from the infection tracking team organize their work contribution in consultation with their super - see further information here

Guests and events

Guest visits to the University shall be kept to a minimum. It is, though, permitted to hold events that are not considered part of teaching and learning in the ceremonial hall and Miðborg.

  • It is possible to hold seated events for up to 200 individuals
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at seated events
  • Note that the number of individuals at events within the University is limited by the size of the space in question
  • Announcements for such events shall be sent to the Emergency Board at

What can I do?

  • Thorough handwashing is the best way for everyone to avoid transmission
  • The social distancing rule is one-metre, outside universities buildings
  • Keep our travels within the country to a minimum and think about how we can limit the number of individuals we mix with
  • Use the infection tracking app - this makes it easier for the infection tracking team to stop cluster infections that occur
  • It is important that individuals stay at home if they feel symptoms
  • We must follow in every way the directions of the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and the Directorate of Health


  • The University is now one compartment
  • Face masks shall be used when it is not possible to maintain a one-metre distance
  • We keep at least a one-metre distance between ourselves and others and regularly wash our hands and use disinfectant to minimise risk of transmission
  • A maximum of 200 persons are allowed in each compartment

Face masks

Face masks are available at all the main entrances to the University. Instructions on the correct use of face masks can be found here

  • It is obligatory to use face masks if it is not possible to abide by the one-metre rule
  • In teaching and practical training, it is mandatory to use face masks if it is not possible to respect the one-metre rule

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Careful washing of hands is the most important advice for everyone in order to avoid transmission
  • It is important to wash thoroughly and regularly with soap and water and afterwards, if advisable to use disinfectant
  • Pictures with instructions on handwashing have been placed in all lavatories, as well as in a few other prominent locations
  • Cleaning of premises has been moved to the next level. This consists, for example, in disinfecting areas of contact at public places

Symptoms / illness 

  • It is important that individuals who feel symptoms and have possibly been exposed to infection, for example, due to travel, call 1700 to receive instructions
  • Those who detect symptoms should stay at home and under no circumstance show up ill at the University; this also applies to those who are isolating or in quarantine
  • Employees can find more detailed information higher up on the page

Sensitive groups

  • Those individuals who belong to risk groups should stay at home and avoid crowds according to instructions from the Chief Epidemiologist
  • Staff members who belong to such groups are therefore encouraged to work from home and students in the same group should not attend on-campus teaching
  • It is important that individuals who are considered part of sensitive groups according to the Directorate of Health thoroughly familiarise themselves with instructions from the Directorate


We encourage everyone to use online services:

Because of the situation, it is assumed that all staff of the University will be under increased pressure and all those who need to make use of the University's services are asked to be mindful of this. 

Further information


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