Preparedness of the University of Akureyri in regard to Covid-19

An emergency board composed of the Rector, Managing Director, and Chair of the Security Committee has been appointed. This group will meet daily where the current status will be evaluated and notifications sent out as needed. All the latest information will appear here below.

Students and employees of the University of Akureyri are reminded of the importance of following the instructions of the Directorate of Health. The latest information can always be found on the website of the Directorate of Health.

Current status

  • With more government action, the two-meter rule is in full force. Please follow the instructions of the Civil Defense and the Medical Director of Health.
  • August exams will take place August 17-21. The exam schedule will be in the same order as in May exams and is accessible in Ugla. Students had to register for the exam before June 19th.
  • Submission of final projects in August

    • School of Health Sciences - 21 August
    • School of Humanities and Social Sciences - 10 August
    • School of Business and Science - 17 August


  • Employees can start to use their office and workspace more frequently – but always in communication with their head of unit so that we can be sure that our workplace is conforming with COVID-19 regulations. This also means that we can start meeting in meeting rooms as space permits.
  • Printed instructions from the Directorate of Health on how to reduce risk of transmission can be seen on the premises of UNAK, both at Sólborg and Borgir.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Careful washing of hands is the most important advice for everyone in order to avoid transmission. It is important to wash thoroughly and regularly with soap and water and afterwards, it is advisable to use disinfectant.
  • Pictures with instructions on handwashing have been placed in all lavatories, as well as in a few other prominent locations.
  • Cleaning of premises has been moved to the next level. This consists, for example, in disinfecting areas of contact at public places.
  • All individuals who use the cafeteria shall wash their hands before heading there. Furthermore, everyone shall disinfect their hands upon entering the cafeteria; containers with disinfectant are accessible at the entrance. Utensils at the self-service counter for the buffet will be replaced during opening hours, thereby reducing significantly the number of times each utensil is touched.

Symptoms / illness

It is important that individuals who feel symptoms and have possibly been exposed to infection, for example, due to travel, call 1700 to receive instructions. Those who detect symptoms should stay at home and under no circumstances show up ill at the University.

Sensitive groups

It is important that individuals who are considered part of sensitive groups according to the Directorate of Health thoroughly familiarise themselves with instructions from the Directorate.

Learning and teaching

  • We respect the two meter rule and give people the opportunity to have their space. Take this into account when booking meeting rooms, lectures, etc. We always assume that people who are ill can participate in our events, either on campus or electronically.


  • Because of the situation, it is assumed that there will be increased pressure on all University staff, and all parties that need to make use of the University’s services are asked to be mindful of this.
  • The fitness center will be closed until august 19th.


  • Students do not pay exam fees for using this exam period.
  • The registration fee will not be required for students taking exams or handing in their final thesis in August if students are not continuing their studies in 2020.
  • Students that can´t attend an exam due to illness do not need to hand in a doctors notice.
  • Registration for the August exam is from June 5th until June 19th.  The exam table will be in the same order as the main exam table from spring 2020.
  • Rules on a maximum of two tries during an exam period will not be in place for the spring semester.  Students can, therefore, retake an exam twice for the spring 2020 semester only.
  • Only students who are unable to secure a minimum grade in the May exams are eligible to attend the August exam period.

Further information

  • School Deans and/or Office Managers disseminate information to students and School employees on specific actions relating to certain groups in particular, such as students in clinical studies and field studies.
  • All comments and enquiries shall be sent to

Useful information

Information on Covid-19
Status report from the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management
Covid-19 website