Research Centre Against Violence

The purpose of the Research Centre Against Violence is to strengthen research and increase knowledge of the manifestations of violence, its consequences and ways to eliminate it.

  • Work is carried out in cooperation with institutions and associations domestically and abroad
  • Conferences and symposiums are organised to disseminate knowledge concerning violence


The Board of the Research Centre is composed of the following persons:

  • Sigrún Sigurðardóttir, Chair
  • Karen Birna Þorvaldsdóttir, Secretary
  • Júlí Ósk Antonsdóttir, Vice Chair
  • Hrafnhildur Gunnþórsdóttir, Treasurer
  • Rósamunda Baldursdóttir, Member of the Board


Articles of association and regulations

Articles of association of the Research Centre

Article 1

The organisation has the title Research Centre Against Violence.

Article 2

The purpose of the organisation is to conduct research in the area of violence and counteract violence, especially against children and violence in close relationships, for example, through cooperation with corresponding institutions and associations domestically and abroad.

The intention is furthermore to organise diverse publications to enhance knowledge concerning violence and ways to counteract violence.

Article 3

The organisation intends to fulfil its purpose by conducting research and organising conferences and symposiums to disseminate knowledge of violence and its consequences. Furthermore, by maintaining a website where people can in one place retrieve research results and educational material concerning violence. In addition, to conduct courses about violence for various groups and provide grants to conduct research on violence.

Article 4

Membership is open to those who carry out research into violence and others who are interested in participating in disseminating knowledge of violence and its consequences and working towards eliminating violence.

Article 5

The operating period of the organisation is the calendar year. At the annual meeting, the Board shall summarise the results attained in the past year. Only members may participate in the annual meeting.

Article 6

The annual meeting shall be held no later than on 15 October each year and shall be convened with at least a two-week notice in a verifiable manner. An annual meeting is lawful if it is correctly convened. A simple majority of attending members decides the outcome of matters. The agenda for the annual meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Chair and Secretary are elected
  2. The report of the Board is presented
  3. Accounts are presented for approval
  4. Amendments
  5. Board is elected
  6. Other matters

Article 7

The Board of the organisation shall be composed of 5 members: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Member of the Board, elected at an annual meeting for a period of one year at a time. It is also permissible to elect up to 5 alternates. The Board members divide duties among themselves. The Board deals with the organisation’s matters between annual meetings. The Chair convenes meetings. The majority of the Board has authority to sign for the firm.

Article 8

There are no membership fees and it is planned to finance the operations of the organisation through grants.

Article 9

Operating surplus/profit from the operations of the organisation shall be used in accordance with the purpose of the organisation; to enhance research and education concerning violence or support associations or projects that counteract violence.

Article 10

A decision to dissolve the organisation shall be taken at an annual meeting with a simple majority of votes with the assets of the organisation going to Aflið – association against sexual and domestic violence.

These laws were approved at the organisation’s inaugural meeting.

Date: 08.10.18.