Líðan og einkenni depurðar eftir árstíðum

About the project

In this study, we examined the relationship between seasonal fluctuations in well-being and the biological and cognitive aspects of depressive symptoms. The correlation between biological and cognitive factors in brain function was examined with an EEG ECG with an increased risk of comorbid depression.


Yvonne Höller is the person responsible for the research, phone 460 8576, e-mail yvonne@unak.is.

The study also includes Anna Hjálmveig Hannesdóttir, Elísa Huld Jensdóttir, Máni Snær Hafdísarson, Sara Teresa Jónsdóttir, Sigrún María Óskarsdóttir, and Silja Hlín Magnúsdóttir, students in psychology at the University of Akureyri, but the research is part of their final project for a BA degree at that school.


Thesis (Bachelor's):