Human Resource Strategy

The Human Resource Strategy of the University of Akureyri 2011–2014 was approved by the University Council on 27 June 2011 under the title “A tight-knit and strong team”. On 19 September 2019, the University Council approved that the Human Resource Strategy will remain in force until a review has taken place.


The University of Akureyri is an ambitious knowledge community and the knowledge of the University’s employees is its greatest resource. The University offers wages comparable to those of other public universities, and an emphasis is placed on creating a motivating and productive work environment where the knowledge and skills of employees are developed and used to their fullest extent.

There is an emphasis on offering an exemplary work environment on a newly developed university campus surrounded by the natural beauty of Eyjafjörður.

In accordance with its principal strategy, the University of Akureyri works to create a challenging and personal learning environment where students are the focal point. The University puts an emphasis on strengthening research work and active ties to society, both domestically and abroad.

The aim is for the University to become an internationally recognised educational institution that excels in selected academic fields. The University of Akureyri will reach its goals with a tight-knit and strong team of employees where equality serves as a guiding principle in all actions relating to matters of personnel.

1. Equality

An emphasis is placed on equality and equal opportunity at the University of Akureyri. Staff members are not discriminated against based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religious or political opinions.

The aim is to attain gender balance in management, services, and teaching. All employees shall receive the same opportunities and encouragement to develop in their profession and attain success.

Bullying and sexual harassment are not tolerated and an effort is made to work with other institutions in the field of equality in order to disseminate information and knowledge of equality in an awakening and encouraging manner.

2. Hiring and reception of new employees

The University of Akureyri wishes to attract qualified employees, taking into consideration professional requirements, values, and needs, in addition to ensuring a purposeful hiring and reception process.

3. Management

Good management forms the basis of the University of Akureyri as an efficient organisation. Access to information must be ensured and information flow should be effective.

If a decision must be made on changes to organisation or division of labour, which impose a burden on staff, care shall always be taken to ensure equality, justice and moderation in the spirit of administrative law and the Government Employees Act. This shall especially be kept in mind and carefully examined when considering the dismissal of an employee.

4. Performance appraisal, support, continuing education, and professional development

The University of Akureyri supports employees in achieving success and encourages them to pursue continuing education. An efficient system is used to evaluate performance and an effort is made to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunities for development and are encouraged to make use of those opportunities.

5. Work facilities and work environment

The University of Akureyri makes sure that employees can work effectively and are given the necessary facilities and support to do so. An emphasis is placed on fulfilling requirements concerning security, health, and occupational safety. Employees should feel good at the University and look forward to their workday.

6. Balance between professional and personal life

The University of Akureyri wants employees to have the freedom to find a balance between their professional and personal life. Employees’ wishes regarding work arrangement, percentage of full-time equivalent, and taking of holidays are accommodated when possible.

7. End of employment

The University of Akureyri offers flexibility upon end of employment and places an emphasis on maintaining ties with employees who have retired because of age.