Examinations are held from 30 November to 14 December for courses in the fall semester and from 23 April to 7 May for courses in the spring semester.

Make-up and resit examinations are held at the start of January and end of May. The examinations are specially announced in Ugla.

The Examinations Manager is Bryndís Ásta Böðvarsdóttir

Examination schedules

You can view your examination schedule in Ugla under My courses > My examination schedule

Examination regulations

The examination regulations are very detailed but here the main aspects are covered. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the regulations in their entirety

Student attendance during an examination

  • You are only allowed to leave your exam table before completing the exam in order to visit the lavatory
  • Trips to the lavatory are only allowed under the supervision of an attendant
  • You may not submit your exam papers until one hour has passed since the exam start
  • If you complete your exam before the allotted exam time has passed, you shall leave the exam room and take care not to disturb those who are still taking the exam

Examination duration

Examination duration refers to the time that you have to complete the exam.

  • The Examinations Manager may alter the duration of the examination if an unexpected interruption occurs in the examination procedure
  • The Examinations Manager shall notify students immediately if the duration of the examination is altered
  • It is not possible to change the examination duration after the exam has started, except at the course tutor’s request, in which case the approval of the Examinations Manager is required
  • At the end of the allotted time, you are required to submit your exam papers immediately

Submission of exam papers

  • You submit all exam papers (including exam questions and scratch paper) in written exams, identified by name and national identification number to the invigilator when the exam has finished
  • If a school number is used then you should write the number on the exam papers (including exam questions and scratch paper) instead of your name
  • In multi-part exams, you shall answer each exam part on a separate sheet of paper

Breaches to the Regulations on Course Assessment

  • If a student is suspected of cheating on an exam, the Examinations Manager or his/her substitute is called upon and appropriate measures taken
  • The Rector makes a decision on penalties for alleged breaches and, depending on circumstances, in consultation with the Ethics Committee of the University

Registering for and withdrawing from examinations

Registration for a course is also registration for the course examination.

If a final examination is not held according to the course description, the teacher submits a course assessment. Students must be registered for a course in order to take an examination or receive a course assessment.

The deadline for withdrawing from courses expires on 1 November for the fall semester and 1 April for the spring semester. 

Illness during an examination

Illness on the day of an examination must be notified on the same day to UNAK’s Student Registry - nemskra@unak.is

Note: If you are ill during an examination, you are not automatically registered for a make-up examination due to illness. You must specially register for one in Ugla a week before the examination date and pay 5,000 ISK so that the registration is considered valid.

Make-up and resit examinations

Make-up and resit examinations are held at the beginning of January for courses in the fall semester and at the end of May for courses in the spring semester.

You register for make-up and resit examinations in Ugla.

Examination fee

A resit examination costs 5,000 ISK.

The fee must be paid at least a week before the examination date so that the registration is considered valid. 

Special assistance during examinations

Student counsellors attend to consultation, instruction and registration in regard to special assistance during examinations.

You must book an appointment with a student counsellor in a timely manner so that you can be provided with the best possible assistance - radgjof@unak.is

Walk-in hours of student counsellors are on weekdays from 13:30 to 14:30.