UNAK researchers travel far and wide

During this summer, Professor Hilmar Þór Hilmarsson and Associate Professor Thanh Viet Nguyen have presented their research at various academic conferences and universities in the Netherlands and Vietnam.
UNAK researchers travel far and wide

Research activities and knowledge dissemination are of paramount importance for higher education institutions. In this regard, the University of Akureyri has achieved significant results over the past few years

In June Professor Thanh presented his research entitled "Ecological-Economic Modeling of Nutrient Enrichment in Multi-Species Fisheries" at the 2023 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling (WCNRM), organized by the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference's theme was "Biodiversity loss and climate change as challenges for natural resource management." This event, known as the World Annual Conference on Natural Resource Modeling (WCNRM), is organized by the Resource Modeling Association, bringing together scientists and stakeholders interested in mathematical and numerical modeling of renewable and exhaustible resources.

Furthermore, Professor Hilmar and Professor Thanh presented their research at the Fourteenth Vietnam Economist Annual Meeting-VEAM 2023, held in July, and at Thuongmai University (TMU) in August.

Professor Thanh, presented his research "Technical Progress, Technical Efficiency, and Environmental Change: New Insights into Vietnam's Productivity Growth," which evolves around technical advances, productiveness in tech and changes in the environment involved with a new vision in Vietnams growing GDP.

Professor Hilmar, presented, his research, "Sharing Borders with Russia: Ukraine and the Challenge of EU and NATO Expansion". There he is researching how it is sharing borders with Russia and challenges regarding EU and NATO expansion. Hilmar also presented this resarch at a seminar in Hanoi.

UNAK researchers are diverse in their studies and number of studies have increased at the University of Akureyri in recent years. Increasing the importance of research in rural areas is a focus point at the University.