Security and personal data protection on the website

Use of browser cookies

We use browser cookies to optimise user experience on our website. A browser cookie is a small text file that is loaded into a browser when our website is visited. The information in the text file can be used to see how users navigate our website, to improve services and facilitate users’ access to various actions.

Those who wish to disable or delete browser cookies can do so using the settings of their browser. It should be mentioned that disabling or deleting browser cookies can have a decisive effect on user experience and settings on connected websites.

Web measurements

Siteimprove and Facebook pixel are used to measure use of the website. Upon each visit to the website, a few points are registered, such as time and date, search terms, the website where visitors come from and type of browser and operating system. This information can be used to improve the website and its development, for example, regarding the content that is in greatest demand, the browsers that the website should support, and the finding of broken links. Furthermore, it can be used to measure the results of our marketing work. The information is non-personally identifiable in our use.

SSL certificate

The UNAK website has an SSL certificate. This means that all data transfer to and from the website is encrypted and therefore safer. An SSL certificate protects against unscrupulous parties obtaining data sent via the website, such as passwords.

Links to other websites

The UNAK website may contain links to other websites; the University is not responsible for their content nor the safety of users when they leave the website of the University. In addition, UNAK is not responsible for the content of webpages that contain links to webpages of the University.

Was the material helpful?

On most pages of the website, users can submit a comment on what can be improved on the page. Users can specify their email address so that they can be given instructions or further information requested.

Email to web management

It is possible to send an email to web management,, with comments concerning the website. These emails are not stored.


Even though every effort is made to have the content on the website correct and in accordance with the latest information, this can not always be ensured. This also applies to references and links to material outside the website.


Enquiries relating to personal data protection and treatment of personal data can be submitted via mail or email.

Martha Lilja Olsen, Office Manager of the Rector’s Office, receives enquiries concerning personal data protection and treatment of personal data. Enquiries may be sent by email to or via mail to the following address:

University of Akureyri
Rector’s Office
c/o Martha Lilja Olsen
Norðurslóð 2
600 Akureyri