4th Sustainability Conference

The annual sustainability conference

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The environmental council of the University of Akureyri invites everybody to the 4th sustainability conference at the University of Akureyri on 12.04.24. Participation is free of charge and no registration is required. The conference will be held in a hybrid format, to accommodate both on-site interaction but also online, environmental friendly participation of international speakers and guests. The conference's language is English.

The conference starts with a student-led session in the form of a panel discussion, followed by several sessions on selected topics. In view of the international climate crisis, we invite international and national experts on climate change effects, mitigation, and adaptation to send us their topic and abstract by 14.01.2024. Other topics will be considered as well, for example regarding plastic pollution and ocean cleaning.

We also welcome sponsors/exhibitors, online or on-site, and will consider digital material that can be included in the online program (breaks) or exhibitions on-site next to our break buffet in the main entrance hallway of the University (with the option to keep exhibitions there for the week before and after the conference).

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