Equality Days: Marginalization of people of foreign descent

Final event of Equality Days

At this event, the spotlight will be directed to the marginalization of people of foreign origin in Icelandic society, and especially the marginalization of women of foreign origin. Anna Lilja Björnsdóttir, specialist at the Directorate of Equality presents the awareness raising campaign Meinlaust (Harmless), which was made in collaboration with the non-profit organization Her Voice. In the campaign, the manifestations of the micro-harassment that women of foreign origin are exposed to in society are presented, and the aim is to get people to open their eyes to the consequences of such harassment. Next, Eva María Ingvadóttir will present the results of a study on discrimination and hate speech towards people of Polish origin in Iceland, Fayrouz Nouh will present her doctoral project where she is examining the position of Muslim women in the labor market, and finally Miriam Petra Ómarsdóttir Awad will discuss racial and cultural prejudice. At the end of the talks, there will be a panel discussion with all the speakers. Anna Lilja Björnsdóttir leads those discussions.


  • Eva María Ingvadóttir (she) - Adjunct in the Natural Resource Sciences department at the University of Akureyri and multicultural counselor for Akureyri municipality
  • Fayrouz Nouh (she) - PHD Student at the University of Iceland
  • Miriam Petra Ómarsdóttir Awad (she) - Specialist at Rannís

The moderator will be Anna Lilja Björnsdóttir (she), specialist at the Directorate of Equality who will also present their campaign Meinlaust (Harmless)

The event will be held in room M101 and on Facebook. The event will be in English.

All welcome!