Policing and Society Conference

The Police Science Program at the University of Akureyri (Iceland) invites abstracts for its Policing and Society Conference.

Call for Papers

The Police Science Program at the University of Akureyri (Iceland) invites abstracts for its Policing and Society Conference on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. The conference is a venue where Icelandic and international academics and professionals meet and converse about policing in a broad sense. Professionals and academics who work in fields that involve policing in one form or another are encouraged to submit abstracts that build on their work and/or research. 

The keynote speakers reflect the theme of this year’s conference: Crime Prevention, which refers to measures to reduce crime and its impact on society. Iceland lacks a comprehensive strategy in this area, but research shows that responsible crime prevention reduces crime, increases people’s sense of security, and reduces the social costs of crime. The fundamental role that the police plays for crime prevention requires our attention and in-depth examination.

We strongly encourage abstracts that deal with crime prevention but we, of course, welcome all contributions that intersect with policing in one form or another. To reiterate: this conference is a joint venue for academics and professionals to share their research and experience involving policing; learn from one another; and engage with the public.

Keynote speakers

Jason Roach PhD

Jason Roach PhD. is Professor of Psychology and Policing and Director of the Applied Criminology and Policing Centre, at the University of Huddersfield. Jason has co-written four books (three with Professor Ken Pease OBE) including Evolution and Crime (2013) and Self-Selection Policing (2016) and has to date published over forty research papers and book chapters, on a range of crime and policing topics including; psychology and crime prevention, child homicide, criminal investigation, police decision-making, criminal decision making and cold case investigation. Jason is the Editor-in Chief for The Police Journal, published by Sage.

Jason Roach

Jerry Ratcliffe

Jerry Ratcliffe is a former British police officer, college professor, and host of the Reducing Crime podcast. He works with police agencies around the world on crime reduction and criminal intelligence strategy. After an ice-climbing accident ended a decade-long career with London’s Metropolitan Police, he earned a first class honors degree and a PhD from the University of Nottingham. He has published over 100 research articles and nine books, including most recently Reducing Crime: A Companion for Police Leaders. Ratcliffe has been a research adviser to the FBI and the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, an instructor for the ATF intelligence academy, and he is a member of the FBI Law Enforcement Education and Training Council. He is a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.

Jerry Ratcliffe

Useful information

  • The conference will be held Wednesday, October 6, 2021, in the Miðborg house of the University of Akureyri, specifically in rooms N101 and M101. The conference runs from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Each presentation is allotted 25 minutes, which includes Q&A. Abstracts (maximum 250 words) should be submitted via email (goddsson@unak.is) no later than Monday, August 16. Abstracts should include a title, short description, methods, main results and/or arguments. Include information about academic position, profession, and the order of the authors (if more than one).
  • The conference registration fee is €40 per person and the program, coffee and refreshments are included (pay on the spot when registering). The registration fee is waived for presenters. University students attend free of charge. Conference attendees pay for their own travel and accommodation.
  • Several airlines fly to Iceland, including Icelandair (www.icelandair.com).  
  • The airline Air Iceland Connect flies from Reykjavík to Akureyri (see www.airicelandconnect.is). 


For more information contact Guðmundur Oddsson, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Akureyri (goddsson@unak.is; tel. +3544608677).