Where next for Polar Law? Achieving Justice in an Age of Crises

Nansen Professor Inaugural Lecture

This inaugural Nansen lecture for Dr. Romain Chuffart will discuss the role of justice in the evolution of Polar Law both as an academic field and as a practical objective in the addressing the current governance crises.

The event will take place in English in room M102 and wil also be streamed here.


13:00 Opening
Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Rector of the University of Akureyri

13:40 Introduction
Cecilie Willoch, ambassador of Norway in Iceland will say a few words before Romain Chuffart starts his lecture

13:50 Where next for Polar Law? Achieving Justice in an Age of Crises
The interplay between international law and global justice, especially in polar contexts, is critically important. At heart of the international legal system lies a simple promise, one of global peace and justice. Polar law, the legal framework governing the Arctic and Antarctic, is no different. However, a quick look at the unfolding crises facing the poles – from governance dilemmas and potential geopolitical strife to social and environmental crises – is enough to question whether current laws promote justice. Is it even worth focusing on justice when the rule-based legal order is under threat and immediate action is required to face these problems? Is more law always the solution? In this inaugural lecture, Dr Romain Chuffart will discuss how shifting from polar law to polar justice might help in achieve more just and equitable governance. While current legal regimes can be used as a starting point to tackle these, the key to solving crises is not just about sticking to the rules we already have. It is also about analyzing the effectiveness of polar law in the pursuit of justice. 

14:20 Discussion

After discussion coffee and refreshments will be served

All welcome!