Outgoing exchange students

All students have an opportunity to pursue part of their studies abroad at partner universities.

  • You choose between one- or two-semester exchange studies.
  • Students in the Faculty of Health Sciences can pursue part of their clinical studies as exchange students.
  • Universities are offered through Erasmus+ and Nordplus.
  • Universities in Nordic locations are offered through North2North.
  • Universities outside Europe are available.

Contact the International Office and see if they can assist you in finding a programme - international@unak.is

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General information on exchange studies

Where can you go?

  • In the partner school search engine you can find information on what options are available for outgoing exchange students.

Here you can find partner universities of UNAK

How much do the exchange studies cost?

The tuition fees at the partner university are waived and you only pay the registration fee at UNAK.

  • You pay for accommodations, food, books and other costs.
  • The partner university provides assistance in finding accommodations, as well as other general assistance.
  • In Erasmus+ and Nordplus, students have the opportunity to have their accommodation and travel costs covered to a certain extent.

What are the advantages of going on a student exchange?

  • You can get your studies assessed for credit transfer at UNAK.
  • You strengthen your language skills.
  • You gain experience of another academic system.
  • You get acquainted with the culture, customs and practices of another country.
  • You build up a multinational network of contacts.
  • You gain experience which is of use to you in the business community after graduation.

What are the requirements for going on a student exchange?

  • You must have completed 60 ECTS in the respective programme.
  • You must go abroad in full collaboration with your academic unit.

The following rules apply if a selection must be made between students who have applied for the same university

  1. Valid applications that are received before the advertised application deadline are given priority. An application is not considered valid until all required accompanying documents have been received.
  2. Master’s students are given priority over undergraduates, unless provisions of the respective partner agreement stipulate otherwise.
  3. If applicants are at the same level of study, the following applies:
    1. If there is less than a 30 ECTS difference between completed credits, the grade overview and ranking are the deciding factors. If grades are comparable, then lots shall be drawn between the students in the presence of witnesses.
    2. If there is more than a 30 ECTS difference between completed credits, the grade overview and ranking are only the deciding factors if the difference between the average grades of the students is one whole or more (for example, one student with 6.5 and the other with 8.0). If grades are comparable, then lots shall be drawn between the students in the presence of witnesses.

How do I apply for exchange studies?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the exchange studies and contact the International Office if you need further information.
  2. Select a partner university and fill out the Learning Agreement; here are specified the courses you will take at the partner university (your selection is based on the current course catalogue if the course catalogue of the university for the next academic year is not yet available).
  3. Contact your academic unit (Head of Department/Head of Faculty) to review the prospective Learning Agreement and get it signed. If needed, the document is then sent to the Assessment Committee of the respective Faculty/Department for processing.
  4. You apply for grants if applicable: Erasmus+ grant or Nordplus grant (the application deadline for fall semester is 1 March / 1 November for spring semester). Students with fewer opportunities can apply for a top-up amount due to special needs or child support.
  5. You apply for the exchange studies at the partner university with the assistance of the International Office.
  6. Remember to then enrol in studies at UNAK for the coming academic year (confirmed in Ugla) and pay the registration fee.

Note that your academic unit must sign the Learning Agreement. By doing so, the unit agrees to assess the respective courses for credit transfer when you return from the student exchange. It is very important to do this in a timely manner as it can often take up to two weeks to get the document back.